Wednesday, August 08, 2007

this ought to be fun

On Friday, 6-9AM, Florida time, Fort Lauderdale's Mayor Naugle will co-host a radio talk show on News Talk 850, WFTL, addressing the accusations of bigotry and homophobia that have come his way because of...his bigotry and homophobia.

This may be enjoyed via the internet at

Starved as I am for entertainment since the conclusion of the last round of American Idol, I'll be glued to my laptop.

(UPDATE: This was a total waste of time. The cable TV repairman will be here in a few minutes. Maybe that will be better.)


Anonymous said...

Let's hear about the cable repairman. Feel free to embellish.

Tony Adams said...

Malheureusement, he was a fat dumpy and surly mouth-breather with sweat stains rorshacking his tee shirt, and that's unembellished.