Friday, June 06, 2008

Vice President Kennedy

Caroline, not Ted.
We have been reminded that when Bush was looking for a running mate, Cheney was named to the search committee, and ended up as the selection. Might we be seeing the same thing with Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg now named to Obama's search committee? Catholic, married Jewish, excellent lineage. Hillary will not be happy.


Gavin said...

I would pee my pants with delight!

Anonymous said...

Um, I think that was unique to Cheney. "I want to be VP. I'll head the search committee. I choose... ME!"

So blatantly obvious and no one said a word. Which, in fact, was par for the course for all the years to come.

Mark said...

some of the best people I know are Catholic, married Jewish.

it keeps things lively.

Anonymous said...

We really don't want a horsey Kennedy female, do we? Won't happen. I think Ted would have been on the committee if he was well.

Queers United said...

atleast its not hillary