Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Husband On The Campaign Trail For Gay Travel Guru

Last night, my husband, the baad lamb, took time to support my campaign to become’s “Travel Guru” by attending an event at Chelsea’s new sports bar, Boxers at 37 West 20th Street.
He spoke with’s cute Tommy about the site and the competition.
The baad lamb, who is much more shy than am I, and not inclined to shove a camera in a stranger’s face, does a swell job of covering the bases for me while I continue to lounge on the beach of Fort Lauderdale when not tracking down Rentboys and Rekers.

I hope will appreciate getting a twofer when they hire me.

PS: Big thanks for all the hearts I've accrued on the site. I'll keep you posted as the contest moves into the next phase.

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Spouse Walker said...

LMAO. Your husband sounds EXACTLY like you. It is remarkable.