Sunday, October 03, 2004

Two lesbians have informed me that

in the town of Ubud, on Bali, having sex is referred to as "jig-a-jig".

This fact has been labeled "permanent" and stored in the far lobes.

I think you can safely judge a person by the information he has chosen to retain or discard. For instance, it may be significant that I can name the nine muses, list the eight members of the band playing on deck while the Titanic sank, describe Jason Kidd's tattoos, and accurately deliver every word and pause recorded by Karen Carpenter.

I won't begin to list the things I have forgotten, but I am proud of my editing, and pleased with the shiny things I have kept dusted and neatly displayed on the shelves of memory. All the rest has slipped through the cracks and joints of the floorboards and has been carried off by that dark and silent river flowing beneath us while we sleep.


Anonymous said...

Melpomene is always arguing with Euterpe, sighs Calliope, over who gave humans Jade East. Tsk, tsk.

Helen the Felon said...

Holy crap! I finally understand the Spice Girls!

You just changed my life.

Maybe I should hang out with more lesbians.