Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Just like in nature,

blue balls of Bloomfield, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

Just like in nature, one of these balls is slightly larger than the other.
But really, what were they thinking?

a) "Look Honey, the shiny things are on sale. Let's get two."
b) "Might as well put it out there with the one she gave us last Christmas".
c) "Well, we figured we had two windows..."
d) "That'll show those Hendersons a thing or two."

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JMG said...

Hey there! I've been wanting to thank you for all your kind comments over on JMG, but haven't found a direct email addy for you...hence I'm saying it here. Very much appreciated!


BigAssBelle said...

oh god. looks like death in post-war suburbia. i hate these horrid little houses, which are, alas, the norm in our youthful cities down here. i feel fortunate that my own 1942 cottage is brick and cedar shingle with stained glass windows and oak floors and molding and glass knobs and so much more. these horrid little houses give me the willies. and the little lollipop trimmed shrubs with the (gag) balls on pedestals. boooo.

so wait! y'all didn't even KNOW joe before he started writing JMG? and now you're fast friends? how lovely!