Monday, June 20, 2005


folsommmm, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

We ran into a friend, Enrico Vega (left). He has graduated from starring in porn to making his own movies. He introduced us to Manuel Torres (right) who is the man of the moment on video. Manny, a nurse aspirant, spoke of the evisceration of fantasy that comes with sexual achievement, a topic close to my heart. He's likable, and C, who turned into Gidget at the sight of him, finds him quite doable. OK, so do I. He's rather an Hispanic George Clooney. (The guy in the middle looks so familiar. I think he blogs. I don't have his name.)


Homer said...

The guy in the middle is another porn star- I've seen his pics somewhere. He's very "talented."

bj said...

evisceration of fantasy? YEAH, UH HUH, sounds just like Manny (oh, sorry, MISTER Torres)

guy in middle - ?????

Tony Adams said...

The man in the middle, also a performer, is named Mario Ortiz.