Tuesday, June 28, 2005

homocorps @ CBGB

CBGB bathroom, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

We attended the final edition of Dean Johnson's Homocorps @ CBGB on NYC Pride weekend. We had to see the bathroom one more time before they close this place. We are accompanied by a blogger in a yellow jock. He's on my blog roll. Guess which one.


Helen the Felon said...

Awwww...how sweet of you to hold that poor boy's hair while he threw up. I knew you were a giver, I just KNEW it!

JMG said...

i know who the blogger is.

what i wanna know, is who the other two are.

Anonymous said...


"participants" initials

XX said...

I recognize two, but not the one called "T."
"C." was easy to recognize, something about his arm or shoulder bones and the hair line on his neck...