Friday, June 09, 2006

juego de la oca

juego de la oca, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

An apartment on Pelayo in Madrid was emptied of its contents which ended up on the street in a dumpster. Maybe the resident died, or disappeared.There was a gorgeous wooden trunk, a very old wall mounted hat rack and lots of desirable furniture and vintage household items. All of it disappeared before sundown. Only one thing fit into our luggage: this odd game board that looks to be pre-1950. Parchesi was on the reverse.


Anonymous said...

Exactly how my friends in Barcelona furnished their apartment so elegantly.


Anonymous said...

The wikipedia entry regarding this game:

Further research informs me that Francesco de Medici in Italy sent a copy of this game to King Felipe II of Spain during the 16th century.

That version looks to be quite an old one. Apparently there are old commercial versions of the game feature typical european characteristics such as an old well and kids in clothes from the 1880s and 1890s.

Anyway, enjoy.


Homer said...

That gameboard is gorgeous.

Helen the Felon said...

How hot would it be if Anonymous Cooper was actually ANDERSON COOPER?

Makes for a great internet rumor, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love Spain. I want to go back. They must be nuts right now over the World Cup victory.

landry said...

Had a great time talking to you guys at Bryce and Neil's on Saturday.
Would love to hear more about your escapades in my favorite country!!