Tuesday, June 06, 2006

madrid what?

madrid what?, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

We happened upon this group in one of the many small squares that allow some light into the narrow streets of the Lavapies neighborhood. At first we thought it was a child's birthday party brought outside, but our assumptions were jarred by the picture displayed against the window. It's a precocious child whose Dia di Nacimiento is celebrated by the display of a pair of disembodied black stilletto-heeled dominatrix boots


Conor Karrel said...

Ok, yeah, that's a slight bit strange, but then again, probably not to Europeans. We're the ones with a hang up on sex. But I have to admit, I really like the picture.

middleagesteve said...

I enjoyed my trip to spain.......by the way, do you and your bf have jobs, girl ? I am an artist, but work about half the year in a related field. Should I not assume but yall sound kind of jet sety (not that I would not feel lucky to share same)