Monday, November 20, 2006

Gay Life Expo

Sunday, C and I went to the Gay Life Expo at the Javits Center in Manhattan. I am happy to report that the exhibitors fully understand the nature of gay people:

a) We all have pets that need to be improved with bandanas or spikes.
b) We will drink anything except tap water.
c) We constantly think about going to Buenos Aires.
d) We like being courted by wealth management consultants (whose cards we throw into the next trash can we pass). Not much left to manage, given what we all spend on bulldogs, booze and Buenos.
e) We will smile at leggy Angertwinks in Speedos who walk through the crowd applying stickers saying "Kiss me here" to the private regions of attendees.

and finally,

f) We would have demanded a refund of our admission had we not spotted this man in the crowd. (Manny, we liked your body better when it was...more natural, but we'd be crazy to complain about how you've built it, and the sight of you always brightens our day or night.)

When we got home, I emptied onto the table my plastic bag of stuff gleaned from the booths, and tossed everything into the trash, except for the condoms and lube (including some puzzling "glow in the dark" condoms, designed perhaps for men who can't find their dicks when the lights are out).

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mr. v said...

i was there saturday and could not have described it better. love the picture.

Blobby said...

To paraphrase (or possibly quote) Krusty the Klown in regards to Manny (though w/Krusty it was about Sideshow Rahib): ""

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief.

I'm not sure which bullet point it is at which I'm good-griefing most.

I would have thought a more realistic contingent for a Gay Life Expo would be relationship councilors, antidepressant manufacturers, and doctors from rehab clinics.

Oh, and porn!

I mean, they got that right, I hope.

Tony Adams said...

Manny is far from angry. He's really very pleasant.

There were a few porn producers, but most of them exhibit at the gay erotica expo which happens in a few months. A much better event.

Anonymous said...






dpaste said...

I never bother with these events as I have absolutely no income that I can dispose of. Nor do I have a dog.

Blobby said...

just looked angry on his porn box - that's all. ...and dont' get me wrong - there is nothing bad about angry porn sex. nothing at all.