Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Patriots, Pansies and Pals - Sat 9AM to Sat 2PM

Veterans Day in Washington DC is certainly the appropriate day for the viewing of war monuments on the Mall, and that is exactly what we did. Joe, C and I walked from Dupont Circle, soaking up a day made of burnished and sun-warmed gold.


I was amazed at the neatness, the downright cleanliness, of DC. I wonder if the locals would agree.

We visited the new WWII Memorial first. Not offensive. Not brilliant. Oddly fascist/Italianate.


I was more impressed with the crowd. The true, unmitigated and un-Spielbergian sentiments of patriotism all around me were silent but deafening and surprisingly moving. Strangers looked into each other’s faces, wordlessly sharing memories, losses, angers, duty and pride. Old men were telling stories to children. We found ourselves standing in what might be one of the few places in the country that is neither blue nor red. For an hour or two, people seemed to check their opinions about this or that, and just be grateful for what has been provided and protected. On this level, the memorial accomplishes all that is required of it.

two vets

We also visited the Vietnam Memorial.


Joe took this picture of C in front of The Supreme Court, and has entitled it "Justice is Blind, and Hairy".

Justice is Blind (and Hairy)


Red said...

C looks implausibly chunky. What have you been feeding him?

Red Seven said...

Saturday was a gorgeous day, wasn't it? If you were stayed the night, then you know how wretched Sunday was. And yes, we locals are rather enamored of how clean our city is, even if it is a city that occasionally goes to sleep (!!). Glad you enjoyed the trip!
Cheers from DC,

Tony Adams said...

I know what you mean, Tommy. He had just finished the "big breakfast buffet" at the hotel, and because he has such low body fat, it's all sitting out there just below his ribs. I did ask him if he minded having that picture posted and he said no, not at all. He may change his mind after he reads your comment.

Anonymous said...

I believe I met C, only he wasn't shirtless. Hmmm, perhaps I should have hung around you boys a bit longer.

dpaste said...

Justice is still sexy, even with a somewhat bloated stomach.