Saturday, August 25, 2007


Cook, eat, blog, yoga. (Note the trivia about Lorenz Hart on the TV screen).


Doug said...

Why do I see a donut?!

BigAssBelle said...

did the yoga participants clothe themselves just for photos? or did you actually perform yoga, with little david in the lead while dressed?

and there sits Aaron, eating omelette or some such rather than working on Hold My Gold part 6.

joe's sideburns are cute little triangles! who knew?

wouldn't it be much more pleasant to have a housegirl about to clear dishes, chop veggies, make beds?

Anonymous said...

OMG the carbs!!! Someone raided the bakery; put it out of commission, I bet!!

evilganome said...

Consider garments rent, teeth gnashed and hair, (metaphorically) torn. It looks and sounds like a great time, and what an enviable reason. Early retirement! Excuse me while I once again melt into a pool of festering green envy.

Anonymous said...

David can do pushups!

I'm jealous. =P

(btw, I hate doing them.)

Anonymous said...

I want to come do yoga there!

Anonymous said...

I wandered into your blog from the net and appreciated its atmosphere, attitudes, and grace at once. :-)

Actually, I am doing some research on Lorenz Hart, and your reference to the trivia point on the TV in one picture brought me in (but the Dick Cavett piece on obesity kept me). Anyway, did you read that trivia point? He was said to be unusually short? He either was short or he wasn't (which he was, by the way) but I was wondering why they would make his height into something you could dispel like a rumor. And they never give his height! Like many short men in public life, he used elevator shoes, and would have had them on for all photo ops. He was under 5 ft tall, and he was a brilliant (but tormented) songwriter. I feel for the guy, because I'm short too, and I'm gay too, so I understand he had a lot to deal with given who he was where and when he was--and I appreciate the gift of his lyrics very much.

Thanks for letting me vent. Good luck with your blog.