Saturday, March 01, 2008

Meet the Press

I've got about five minutes to catch my breath while Himself is asleep. We've just returned from the simply fabulous "Under One Sun" pool party at the Surfcomber Hotel, 1717 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. It will be tomorrow before I can sort out the photos of this sun-and-fun saturated afternoon.

Yesterday, we attended a Meet-and-Greet for the press, at the Sagamore Hotel. (Joey had a press pass. I fluttered my eyes.)
We were surprised to find that because a Republican Congresswoman was staying at the Hotel, an exhibit of photography by the well-respected Spencer Tunick had been veiled! (His works involve public group nudity but are not what most anyone would consider erotic.) This was called to my attention by a charming man named Mark whom I met at the reception.

Joe and Mark liberated the exhibit.

We also met the two Peruvian Javiers. Veeeeeery cute. Together two and one half years. Did I mention that they were cute?

As the sun went down, We chatted with the extremely genteel Matt Foreman, the outgoing Executive Director of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the org that sponsors the Winter Party. In the warm new air of evening, we strolled to the Fashion show with Matt's partner, Frank, a photographer with a huge camera.


Stash said...

Wish you could've taken another shot of the painting...

Anonymous said...

That's hillarious. That Congresswoman has heightened sensibilities because apparently she doesn't read any magazines or watch TV? It's Tunick, not Mapplethorpe. Her hubby surely has more explicit stuff in his dresser??