Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who are the April Fools?

C, an extreme fan of the Project for Public Spaces called this to my attention.

Yes, it's funny, but after reading through a few of them, I felt anger more than amusement. Why can't our candidates compete over issues like these? Why can't the owners of Starbucks and AAA think this way?

We are the April fools for tolerating anything less than livable and humane public spaces.


TED said...

This is one of those topics that's so big as to defy meaningful comment, but I would start by saying that I doubt there's anything like a consensus in this country as to what constitutes livable and humane public spaces. Or at least, I doubt that there's anything like a consensus that they are something we should be devoting resources to. I think it's yet another head of the Hydra of capitolism. I'm certainly no Hercules, and the whole thing makes me want to retreat into my own livable and humane private space. Not that those are easy to creat these days.

TED said...

Capitalism, even. Sigh.

I blame Dick Cheney.