Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Playing the Building" by David Byrne

I wish I had more time to script these ragged little reviews but the time-consuming mechanics of producing the "imovie" on the Mac prohibit more work on the text. Let's all assume that I actually intend the raw and homespun quality of this video, and that you wouldn't really trust my opinion if it were more carefully packaged. Anyway, the installation will be up through sometime in August, and you can get more info at or at the "Creative Time" website.

No time to linger, as I'm off the see Jim Brochu in "Zero Hour" at a theater in Coral Springs.


Anonymous said...

it sounds rather clangorous. I think that I would have had to be there.

and just between you + me, it is too late for happiness, my friend. I am already ecstatic.

cb said...

What an interesting concept! And yeah, it would be fun to be in there alone and just "experiment".

Tony Adams said...

Dear CB,
I now see that I didn't make clear one important aspect of this installation. It recasts the way we ordinarily define noise vs music. After just a few minutes in the room, that which we would ordinarily define as cacophonous becomes melodic and pleasant.