Monday, July 07, 2008

[title of show] " It's a bloy, Mrs. Walker, it's a bloy!"

PS: My comment about the way the show ends deserves considerable expansion which really rather proves my point that this really is half play/half blog. And also, I forgot to mention that any of you with a small "boutique" blog - like this one - will absolutely stand up and cheer during the song that says "I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing than the ninth favorite thing of a hundred people."

And, of course, after the play, we repaired to a quiet and somber little place for some serious discussion about the future of the American theater.


evilganome said...

The play sounds like a lot of fun. If I can drag myself down to NYC I'll have to try and get tickets.

(As for your appearance, you are perfection itself, Anthony. Don't change a thing.)

dpaste said...

I'm seeing it tonight, after having seen it Off-Broadway originally. Love this show.

And because I know you'll forgive me, it's:

"I'd rather be
nine people's favorite thing
then a hundred people's
ninth favorite thing."

dpaste said...

Oh, and I have to disagree about how the show ends. I think it ends exactly as it should. A big showy production number would kill (IMHO) what they have cultivated in this little gem of a musical. There is something so bittersweet in the acting of letting go of a creation, and the final song conveys that exquisitely, I think.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear you had such a lovely time, and you have my curiosity peaked concerning this "bloy". I hope I get a chance to see it. It was also nice to see you on video, giving your review. All I needed was a piece of chocolate cake and a coffee, and it would be just like times past. I agree with EG, you are looking fine.

Birdie said...

This "bloy" is intriguing; I'll have to check out the YouTube videos.

TonyTelevision is evolving as well; will you have dramas of your own? The camera loves you.

Anonymous said...

encore!!!! I am gonna have to wait till it is offered on either or playbyplay.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have a lovely accent! very sweet x

Tony Adams said...

Dear David,
I'm glad you said what you said about the ending. That is exactly my point about the progressive quality of this show, and why I bet they agonized about how to end it. Anyway, when they came back for their curtain call, the cast was in tears at the overwhelming response of the audience, so it was hardly a fade out.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Love the show and can't wait to see it this new iteration.

Think I could love the tall drink of water in the striped shirt ... in any iteration.

Anonymous said...

For a moment there I thought World War 3 was going on outside your window...but pro that you are you carried on. Bravo!

I'm off to Utube.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Dray, I half considered getting up, sticking my head out the window and bellowing "Hey shut that thing down. I'm talkin in heah" but I guess I'm not yet that much of a newyorker.