Friday, June 18, 2010

March With Us

You are invited to march with the queer New York bloggers, writers and digital activists in the 2010 NYC Pride March on Sunday June 27. Let me know if you'd like to join us. I'm assembling an email list for last minute info.

Our group has been assigned an advantageous assembly point and a start time near the front of the march:

We are in Section Two, assembling on 40th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. We step off at 11AM.

Last year, in front of Stonewall:


Birdie said...


Spouse Walker said...

Dear FT Doll Dawl: I have a question. Recently i have been reading over and over again about the Catholic Archdiocese abandoning their private schools but holding onto the properties. It appears that municipalities are going to pay the Archdiocese much money to lease these buildings for public school use. This is obviously done with tax dollars and i personally resent tax dollars being used to keep any religious organizations real estate holdings intact and no doubt profitable. Aside from that, wouldn't it be extremely hypocritical of them to be collecting money from the public that promotes safe sex education, anti bullying and day of silence by way of GLSEN etc.? Your thoughts on this please? In short i find the (secular?)government and the catholic church in collusion with one another at the expense of the people unacceptable. Aren't most public educational facilities owned by the city or town that it is in? Is this a new trend to feed Rome or do we have public schools leased in buddhist, lutheran, episcopal and presbyterian buildings all over the country that i am just not aware of? PS: Happy Gay Day by the way. I have been to so many pride parades that i don't always make them anymore. Have fun.

bj said...

damn - you must KNOW PEOPLE - my org still doesn't know where in the line up we are!

Tony Adams said...


I suspect you will have received an email with that info today. I do know the right people: you!