Monday, February 27, 2006

The Wraft of God?

The Wraft of God?, originally uploaded by farmboyz.


Conor Karrel said...

Wow, and "Wraft" isn't even a word! Hah! I love this!

Especially the volcano to symbolize the wrath (see, I can spell it at least!), like volcanos are a big threat to New Yorkers! Ooo..tremble.

Mark said...

I rather like wraft.

And after that list, all I can say is: Get on board!

Anonymous said...

I like that the Sin List is obviously growing too fast for printing deadlines. Also, Sin seems to have a rather funky retro font that makes me linger over the words..."does that really say 'Gursing'? What's 'Gursing'? Oh, my have am I missing something really cool"

Greg, UK