Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Colors of Barcelona #3

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The de rigeur shot of candy heaps at the local mercado/food bazaar. I could have done the fish, or the skinned rabbits...
Getting food in Barcelona, as in Madrid, has been an adventure, and not always successful. There are a zillion storefronted cafes and restaurants and bakeries. Their metal curtains are raised or lowered at various hours of the day so that whenever we left the hotel, it was as if the selection had been shuffled. ("They're heading down D'Aribou. Quick! Shut down the pastry shops and open the ham/cheese sandwich places.") We were almost never able to get back to the same place twice. The one exception was a wonderful little restaurant run by a charmer named Alex who made a superb fried camembert entree, and perfect gnocchi Putanesca. The name of the place is Sazzerac. It is in the heart of the Gayxample ( on Carre Conseil de Cent). The music was also great there. Vintage disco, George Benson, and the wallpaper was flocked with gold glitter ovals.

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I'm getting a sugar rush just looking at the picture.