Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Colors of Barcelona #6

, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

C gets a salad delivered to our table on the roof of the Hotel Axel. It is delivered by one of the interchangeably gorgeous staff. I think the surest way to have a breakdown would be to try to manage this staff. The waiters squabble with the bartenders (who have to consult a booklet in order to make a Manhattan, which in this case included a glaced cherry, hence the albeit delicious scum on the surface). Whenever the managing queens are out of sight, the staff produce cell phones and duck into utility rooms. But we are definitely not complaining about this place and will stay here again when we return. It will be interesting to see whether or not the chip in the rim of the glass in the photo is indicative of a lack of attention to detail while the owner opens up a chain of Axels starting with the next one in Buenos Aires later this year, or if it is just incidental. Truth to tell, this is the second chipped glass I was served. All the same, what you want from a gay luxe hotel is exactly what they deliver: a happy international group of gay travelers who meet and socialize at the Hotel spa and make plans for dinner and bar later in the evening. This was great fun, with a room/bathroom/balcony that were delightful.

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tornwordo said...

There's no excuse for chipped glasses. But I guess you have to deal given the uniquity of the gayluxe experience. I'm trying to plan a stay there for next May...