Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dance on the Pier 6/25/06 NYC Pride

shirtless pier crowd, originally uploaded by farmboyz.

I kept trying to count the number of times we have found ourselves in the center of a crowd just like this. How many men have we bumped into in this type of crowd and had sex with, on the spot? How many of those moments have produced friendships? The next day, a gorgeous Panamanian named Alejandro (dazzling teeth, brilliant black hair) text messaged us: "Did you have fun?". Our reply: "Still in bed". He had the decency not to respond.


Dave said...

that fella at the bottom of the pic (looking skywards) looks like he's had one too many disco biscuits. i bet he's grinding his teeth and wondering just where the hell he is.

DEREK said...

looks fun