Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend - the Bushwick Part

We walked from Redhook almost all the way to Paul's rooftop party in Bushwick. We paused briefly in front this red art gallery. Eric, BJ, C and I.

The colors of the party, on Paul's roof, were intense. I think it might have had something to do with the fabulous light.

Paul's beau, JP, made the deviled eggs. They flew.

The pink from this alluring cake got all over everyone and everything.

There was David

There was The Doctor

There was Paul

There was JP&Paul

There were The Bushwicked Boys

There was so much more. Should I show more?


Paul said...

YES, more pics please!!

Michael Lehet said...

No No, we don't deserve to see more.


circleinasquare said...

Yes. Yes you should.

Anonymous said...

Why not?
We can never see enough clones.

Mike said...

Great pics! Hot menz!


BigAssBelle said...

well of COURSE show more! we can never have enough food pix.

deviled eggs are a labor of love. no one makes them anymore. too much effort. i want a 5 pound deviled egg 18" long.

you two are the most perfect couple. so cute together.

dpaste said...

I want a boy
Just like the boy
That married dear old Damian.