Thursday, September 06, 2007

While walking Redhook

Two small and sandy garden arrangements on an industrial canal. Betty Boops in a bowed window with vertical blinds overlooking a trash can. Something we passed on a sidewalk that seemed deliberate and sinister. (Clicking the first two is worth the effort, I think. I love the blues.)


Anonymous said...

I love the small sparrow perched on the woman's plaster torso. The blues are glorious ...exactly the same colour as a cerulean sky.

BigAssBelle said...

the blues are lovely. the dryness of the top two makes them look sort of desperate. betty boop with divorce reflected in the glass. that gooseneck lamp was, i think, used to highlight the goings on in the previous night's extreme body modification gathering. i think someone's tongue or penis got split, lots of blood. the holder of the lamp fled the scene, dropping it as he ran.

dpaste said...

When it re-opens in October (they just had a baby and are temporarily closed) you must go to my cousin's restaurant, The Good Fork, in Red Hook.