Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"You didn't accept candy from Dorothy."

Dorothy Podber  has died in her East Village apartment at the age of 75. 
(I suggest you skip that linked New York Times obit, and go here for Joy Bergmann's account.)

At one time, she ran a maid service for doctors, gaining access to the keys to their drug cabinets. 

She once visited Andy Warhol, asking him if she could shoot a few of his Marilyns. He agreed. She did, and not with a camera.

The New York Times obit editors cropped this photo at Ms. Podber's knees, but here she is, boots and all.

photo by Joy Bergmann


dantallion said...

She looks like she was a real old broad. RIP.

Mark said...

I love her.

I knew about the shot Marilyns, but I never knew she hung out at Keller's.

Yes, there was a time when $100 would buy you 100 beers. and a $25.00 tip for the bartender.

Mike said...

If she were Black or Latino she would have been locked up for most of her life.

Anonymous said...

She totally stole my look for our night out on the town in May! I spent hours on ebay securing a pair of zebra boots with platform heels, to wear to the Eagle. I guess its chaps and engineer boots AGAIN.


Joy Bergmann said...

Thanks for the link. As a former Iowa farm-girl, am always appreciative of Farmboyz.

Now, go forth and be naughty, in honor of Dorothy.

---Joy Bergmann