Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fallow Time

These are all photos from two days ago. We are now in that messy season when the retreating snow reveals the debris through which poke the heads of the earliest arrivals. The pictures show Connecticut where the buds of lilac, azalea and scarlet quince are swelling, followed by the tiny curbed plots of the Upper West Side and Jackson Heights. Finally, Central Park, wherein the witch hazel, hellebore and crocus were blooming. Tomorrow I return to Fort Lauderdale for another month. Gloves and scarves put away for another year. (That's Judy Collins you hear.)


Birdie said...

What a lovely pastoral moment, sight and sound. Living in the 'burbs, I miss the small signs of upcoming spring, zipping by in a car to and fro. I need to get out and walk after the rain. Thanks for this prompt.


R J Keefe said...

That was really lovely!