Friday, March 28, 2008


I suppose there are worse things for which to be remembered and soon forgotten. Consider the nameless chemists at Union Carbide and Gillette who invented this and this without which these would have been impossible.

Who among us does not wonder what his own modest and swiftly evaporated legacy will be? I suspect folks will recall me as "sybaritic" rather than say "He bargained well with time". Some will say "He was lucky." Others, "No. He worked." So be it. I am of my nature found. No thought of post-tumbling remembrance will shake me from this perch. Like Simeon the Stylite, I can see you all quite clearly from up here and through the quiet tangle. I know you better for it. I inspect your traffic, your upsets and your passions. In absence, they begin to make sense to me.


Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't fasting in that Florida heat. I did notice that those legs are strikingly smooth and hairless, I imagine you chose Photoshop over the costly and painful waxing alternative. What brings about this moment of solitude, and watching from afar? Mine has been spurred on by acrimonious political rantings, and the craven whining for attention across the blogosphere. I too have temporarily opted out, perhaps through November.

Tony Adams said...

The hair is there. Let's blame the camera or the lighting for not picking up the follicles. We share the same reaction to the acrimonious ranting now polluting the blogosphere. It is useless. I'm blocking it.

evilganome said...

How sensible to have a Saarinen stylite. Much more comfortable I suspect. I too am trying to avoid the bickering. "Better a dinner of bitter herbs where fellowship dwells..."

Currently I am drifting off to the Napoleonic era, enjoying one of my favorite literary creations, Becky Sharp. She may have been unrepentant and wicked, but she knew enough to laugh at this wicked world.

BigAssBelle said...

this made me laugh out loud, sitting here in my library on a dull and dreary chilly afternoon. i adore you.