Friday, March 14, 2008


Outlier, let me be the first to welcome you to the world of popular jargon. Let me be the first to point you out and to proclaim you the "word of the moment". Let me beat William Safire in this acknowledgment. Outlier, I saw you today in a sentence in the New York Times. You were in an article about some reckless comments made by Obama's pastor. The proof that you are "new" is to be found in the fact that the writer had to define you. He knew you. He wanted to use you in his sentence, but some editor may have told him "You can't use that word. Only people who have studied statistics will know what that means." But he could not resist you, and so he included you in the sentence with a brief definition, and that is where I met you.

The minister’s defenders say the statements that have been playing this week on television are outliers, taken out of context, and that he is not antiwhite.

You are perfectly wonderful. Wikipedia already knows you, and says that you have cousins called "Polynesian outliers" and some called "exclaves". I cannot wait to meet them. Meanwhile, my world is totally on hold until I can find an opportunity to use you in conversation. Outlier, I love you already and we've just met. Actually, given my tendency to recount sexual escapades in this blog, this love note to you is a bit of an outlier, isn't it? I am delighted with you. You make me hard. I whisper you over and over, and I cum on the print you wear. You are the first word I have fallen in love with in 2008. Enjoy your moment on stage.


Birdie said...

Apparently, the editors at Wiki consider the outlier something that must be "dealt with," including almost an entire page of ways to eliminate or avoid the little annoyance. It's an outcast. Your love affair with the word is an outlier, a statistical anomaly. But if your love changes its value, it is no longer an outlier. Quite the conundrum.

I am a fellow lover-of-words, although perhaps not quite so passionately as you. I wait with bated breath to see its proper use in context in the near future.


tornwordo said...

I knew this word, but only insomuch as it's usefulness in Scrabble. That's a seven letter bingo don't you know.

D said...

If we ever play Scrabble, I hope you don't get that word. :)