Saturday, May 24, 2008

On the other hand,

C, Tater and I saw this gentleman walking down Ninth Avenue in Manhattan during the International Food Festival last week.


As I've stated in the past few days, I don't much cotton to the pointy shoes and boxy jackets, and I'm OK with the red jeans when applied to skinny legs, but here's a man whose fashion sense I can admire. At home with his composition, he strolled through the crowd with the serenity and confidence of Grace Kelly. This is fashion and style the way they were meant to be: personal expressions and celebrations of the Self turned inside out for public enjoyment.

I can never remember the hanky codes, but I am pretty sure that a yellow one in the right pocket says "Please piss in my purse."


Anonymous said...

The last line made me laugh out loud...thanks.

Would love to run your Good Dog story on my site.

Anonymous said...

The best part of witnessing this interesting man, live and in the moment, was his utter confidence and nonchalance in pulling this look off. Okay, so I laughed a little at his expense, but inside I was awed by his bravery and sense of self. Another in a series of NY moments which fuel my desire to relocate.

Mark said...

As one who endured a hanky code faux pas back in the early 70's (I matched a hanky to my red & white gingham checked shirt and wound up with a gentleman from Washington Height who definitely had a couple of notions I was notions sympathetic to), I can relate.

What bothers me about this otherwise fastidious dresser is that his belt neither matches his pants nor his purse.

But then again, I've been made aware that fashion has changed.

cb said...

I have a big problem with this outfit. the belt and purse did NOT match!