Monday, September 28, 2009

New Yorkers party to fight HIV

Aside from enjoying the fact that this was a gathering of very pretty people, I was amazed at the way fashion seems to have moved into a new creative and pandrogynous permissiveness in which you combine all sorts of diverse elements to create an arresting and intriguing persona of often indeterminate sex and sexuality. Hot.


DrRuss said...

With the exception of a pudgy Dr. Paul, were there any fat people there? Goodness gracious--please don't tell me that cocaine chic is still in.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Dr Russ,
No. And even Dr. Paul could hardly be called pudgy.

Anonymous said...

indeterminate sex and sexuality. Hot

Why is this hot again? I forget.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Anonymous, Obviously, you have not been where I have been in life. At this point, for me, these clever and artistic blurrings and layerings that produce individuality are sexy. You obviously don't feel it, and that is just fine. We are all at different bus stops on the road to heaven. None is closer to the throne than the others.

Ruchira said...

Father Tony: Thank you for posting the photos of the event and the video. It was an energetic and enjoyable party.

Dr. Russ: I wouldn't call anyone among the attendees pudgy. But Dr. Paul and the bouncers at the door were somewhat on the hefty side.

Ruchira Paul (Mrs. Sudhir Paul)

Tony Adams said...

Dear Mrs. Paul,
I am admiring your sense of humor, and I would like you to know that I severely edited from the video some great words by your husband in the interest of sound-bite-ness.

I hope Drs. Paul and Adler have great and speedy success.