Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today on Bilerico: "He's 20 And He's Worried""

You will have to go to Bilerico this morning to see my response to the following:

Dear Father Tony,

I've been a reader on Bilerico for a few months. I've read previous letters that you have received and posted on the Bilerico website and wondered if I could do the same.

I am a 20 year old gay male, living in Florida. Even though here where I live, there is not much bigotry I read different articles from multiple gay press website (ex. The Advocate, Bilerico, Washington Blade) and I can't help but feel that eventually something is going to happen. I mean, with how the fight that is going on in Maine, I fear that someday, that battle will come here. I know that eventually it's going to happen in all states, but what is there to do when the National Organization for Marriage and all the anti-gay groups decide to come here?...I said to my boyfriend that I want to move out of this country and live in a place where we can be happy. I know it seems like a big rant or that I think negatively, and I apologize. But I can't seem to shake the feeling that this country can't have an wide view of the different people that live in it.

What do you think Father Tony? Do you have any suggestions on what you think will happen to this country in the future?

Thank you for reading this,


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