Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hard work

Tomorrow, I will drive to Key West where I'm to be the guest of the travel and tourism types who will show me the town's charms and pamper me with food and drink. It is their expectation that I will describe it to you, and I gladly oblige, for long have I longed to visit Key West.

Beyond showing up and enjoying all that Key West has to offer, my main responsibility consists of sharing splendid quarters with JMG.

I've traveled with JMG many a time. He is not difficult en hoof. I think I can manage this.


Anonymous said...

awww damn... your going to key west... I was hoping to see you tomorrrow night at the opening!



kitchenbeard said...

Envy is not a good look for me.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Kitchenbeard,
I disagree. You have no bad angles.

Patrick said...

I've always liked the expression 'en hoof'. So many images it conjurs.