Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thugs in College Point say it wasn't a hate crime

Look into the faces of the friends of jailed attacker Danny Rodriguez. Read their comments on Joe's post. Listen to the words of Marisa Ragonese about the value of education. If it takes a village to raise a child, all it takes is some concertedly negligent parenting to produce stupid and hateful children. These young thugs know only their street corner, plus an occasional trip to the prison on nearby Riker's Island.They are pitiful and pitiable.

The following video will show you the positioning of the two groups and includes some of activist Brendan Fay's passionate statement.

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Spouse Walker said...

You got that right FT. I have often walked in and around people in neighborhoods and quickly realize that their egos and self identity are all wrapped tightly within a small world no bigger that 10 or so blocks. It is sad and pathetic that outsiders are sometimes viewed as strangely as an alien from another planet. The only language these ignorant clowns understand is inflated machismo. Strike a pose!!!!!!!!
(it's no wonder people are yearning for big brother volunteers)