Monday, October 05, 2009

Enrique Ramirez Makes Waves

Here are some entertaining pictures from a wildly splendid birthday party we attended Friday night at the Grace Hotel pool on 45th Street. Enrique Ramirez is the owner of Face To Face, the go-to spa for anyone serious about his or her skin. The treatments are various, including the bleaching of anuses (ani?)!

As the totally delightful MC of the evening, Robbyn Kaamil, said "Enrique is a good soul". Although you might think from the pictures that this was a party for the young, gorgeous and vacuous, I've been around the block often enough to notice when the tenor of a crowd is above the fold in "goodness". We met some fascinators, and if we weren't in San Francisco, holed up in what Priceline considers a four-star hotel near Union Square, Parc55, catching our breath after a mighty weekend, I'd have the time to tell you about them. Patience, meanwhile, and enjoy. A fantastic party. (Enrique looked fabulous.)

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kitchenbeard said...

The Parc55 is tolerable, but NOT 4 star by any means.