Sunday, October 11, 2009

The reading of the Joe Jervis Day proclamation.

Joe is 50 years old and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome declares it Joe Jervis Day. At Firewood restaurant in the Castro, Leif Wauters reads the proclamation.


Paul said...

Oh Tony! That's so special and wonderful! Thanks so much for posting this :-) XOXOX paul.

ManDancer said...

Hey Padre, It sure was a fun filled and action packed week for Joe's NY crew.

I am sorry to have caused any confusion. I introduced myself as JohnnyCB on the dance floor when I should have said ManDancer. I understand your abject confusion now. Please understand my hasty retreat when my introduction brought that look of "WTF?"

Tony Adams said...

Dear ManDancer,
Are you sure it was me you met?
I have absolutely positively no recollection of that moment. And I was not twisted - unlike some....

We didn't stay there long. We went to a certain nearly establishment....knowing that we had a rather early flight to take in the next day.