Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "Advice for a Gay Roman Catholic Convert""

You will have to go to Bilerico tomorrow after 10:30AM for my response to this:

Fr. Tony,

Hello, my name is Steven. I was viewing the Bilerico website and saw your blog. I have a question in hoping you may assist me. First of all, I am a Roman Catholic and have been for over two years now. I love the church and do attend mass; however, I am a 45 yr old gay man. According to the church, gays are not allowed to practice their lifestyle. I thought I could simply ignore how I feel, but I cannot. God created us and if he did not want us to have these "feelings" , then we wouldn't experience them and want to seek out companionship with a member of the same sex. If I confess to my priest how I feel and would want to establish a loving and stable relationship with another man, would be I facing excommunication from the church?

I hope I can find a peacable solution as to what to do. I understand some catholic churches do accept GLBT couples.

Peace be with you always,

Steven M. _____

Update: It's up. Get on it.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent response, Fr. Tony. I know a number of guys like this good soul, some of whom have chosen to stay in the fold of Rome, and some who have not. Sadly, the Roman church does an excellent job of teaching its people that any venture outside its walls results in total damnation. So people get to live in more fear as a result of Christianity, not less. Friggin' great.

My advice to this good soul: if you value the love of God shown through the Mass, the Sacraments, and holy tradition? I'm sure there is a good Anglo-Catholic Episcopal Church in your area. Check it out, and pray. And then take your boyfriend with you, too.

-- Fr. Tim of South Philly