Sunday, February 28, 2010

The New Darth Vader?

In one of the more recent comments on this post, I am given more credit than I deserve:

Now you, Tony Adams, used by these dark forces, collaborate in the overthrow of Western morals


Jeff Stork said...

Damn, I'm impressed. Didn't know you were all powerful. Good show. Now can you do something about all this snow?

thomas tucker said...

Oh, Father T.
You really are being quite naughty.
Reading thru the comments on that story, you were obviously baiting some of those folks, and really upped the ante by telling them that Jesus was gay. Shame on you- if one of them keels over from a hypertensive stroke, you will be to blame.
However, reading your comments leads me to ask you a question that I have always wondered about.
Why do you, and others, bother becoming priests when you so fervently disagree with the Church's teaching on various moral matters? If I disagreed with PETA's positions, and ate meat at every meal, why would I become a PETA spokesman?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Thomas Tucker,
Yup, I have had too much fun drawing them out from under their rocks. If that is a sin, I am guilty of it.
To your question, when I was ordained, I really wasn't thinking much about any of these things. I had a priestly identity honed over twelve years in the seminary but not much of a gay identity. A person's values grow and clarify over time. I never stopped admiring the message of Jesus but I eventually decided that some of the teachings of the church were simply wrong and were not what Jesus would have us believe. Unlike many other Catholics and priests, I am not God-fearing and I am convinced that if Jesus were listening to me or reading me, he'd say "You got it right, boy."

thomas tucker said...

well, that makes sense.
There are those who enter the priesthood fully aware that they disagree with Church teaching, and actively planning to engage in immoral behavior (think Rudy Kos, for example) and I find that quite dishonorable.
You and I (of course) will disagree about the right understanding and role of "God-fearing" in our lives, but let's not argue.

Tony Adams said...

OMG, Thomas Tucker has actually said I made some sense! I'm cherishing the moment like the passage of Haley's Comet. Funny though, I hear that some of the commenters on that site have lifted this statement and seized upon it to mean that I "chose" to "turn gay" after ordination. Do they actually and truly believe that sort of nonsense? I don't need to combat them. Their own words make them more obviously foolish than anything I could cook up. I just gave them enough rope.

thomas tucker said...

Well, Father T, it's not like I said that you NEVER made sense.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
OTOH, if you ever said that I was making sense, then perhaps we would find that the Second Coming
is near at hand! :)