Friday, February 26, 2010

A Seed Planted In Winter Has Sprouted

Are those storm clouds?


Birdie said...

Wow. Wonderful. You've got them stirred, Tony, and more power to you. I will be following this closely, as I suspect are hundreds of priests, bishops and cardinals.

I have to agree that the momentum is here. We're seeing it across denominations, as I read of two gay Lutheran priests who are being instated or reinstated into the clergy roster and a Presbyterian gay and partnered pastor who is being returned to ordination as an act of "ecclesiastic disobedience" in Minnesota. We know it's right, and we are not alone.

Spouse Walker said...

Sorry FT. I know you were part of the clergy once upon a time but this organization will do anything it takes to stay afloat whether it does so kicking and screaming or not. I really don't understand what is so special about it to hold onto. I am glad you are happy with this small offering.