Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to vote for Tony Adams

I appreciate the scuttled efforts of those who tried to support my run for's travel guru but had trouble voting. Would you try once more? Here's the step-by-step:
(and remember, the system allows one new registration per email address.)

In the upper right hand corner, click "join now". 
fill out name, email, alias, password, country , agree to terms, and then click "sign up". 
You'll get the confirming email and when you click on the link in that email, you'll see a message that you have activated your registration. 
Now you go to the homepage
login using your email and password. 
Then go to "guru" under "meet new people", hit vote, find my application and click the little blue "vote for tony adams" letters next to my name. 
Be sure to vote the full five points.

That's the complete and "road tested" map! Let me know if it works.


Anonymous said...

Do Gay people travel different from other people?

Tony Adams said...

Yes, anonymous, when we go on a cruise, we go on a cruise!

Anonymous said...

Tony -

Tried again. Really, I did. Sorry.

Your instructions were exactly what I had been trying to do, BTW. Must be something wrong with my own PC, if others are able to get it to work properly.


Tony Adams said...

Thank you Dave,
I think they periodically "close" the site for some technical stuff, so I hope you'll try again. Close race. It ends on the 30th. Thanks again.

Homer said...

I voted- really, they need someone to fix how fix how they do it, it is crazy. Good luck!

Tony Adams said...

Thanks Homer. For your patience and your vote!
They have gotten the feedback and I hope they'll do something to clean it all up.