Friday, July 30, 2010

What Makes Steak Frites The Hottest Restaurant In Montreal's Gay Village?

While exploring the summer-long-pedestrian-only stretch of Saint Catherine Street in the "Village Gai" de Montreal, everyone we met had the same eatery at the top of their list of recommendations, Le Steak Frites, 1302 Rue Ste. Catherine Est. How could we not give it a try?

Here's how to enjoy the best dining opportunity of the summer in Montreal's Gay Village. Exit the subway at the Beaudry station where you'll walk across Ste. Catherine Street and into the SAQ, the government owned liquor store where I'd recommend heading for the rack of Argentine wines. We are malbec fans, and SAQ offered us a few robust and inexpensive selections that would pair well with a good steak.

Bring your bottle one block down Ste. Catherine to the restaurant. (Steak Frites is an apporter votre vin restaurant. In other words, they do not sell alcohol but will serve you your wine. No, you can't bring any other type of alcohol.) Steak Frites doesn't take advance reservations, but when you arrive (earlier is preferable), you'll be told how long you'll have to wait for a table outside where you can watch the colorful flow of folks on the street, you'll drop off your bottle, you'll give the host your name and cell number and head down the street to popular SKY Bar for a pitcher of red sangria with the boys until you get your call.

We followed the recommendation of friends that matched our waiter's advice, ordering the steak-for-two ($60) which comes with a variety of sauces, salad and vegetable sides, some heavenly warm bread and all the French fries you can eat.

The chairs are comfortable. The service friendly, fast and efficient. The food superb.  And if you are a Starbuck's addict, you can cross the street after dinner and continue your al fresco crowd watching from their opposing patio deck. Steak Frites well deserves its popularity.

Le Steak Frites St. Paul Village,
1302 Rue Ste. Catherine Est
514 439-1376


Susannah said...

Hi! Just found your blog via "Nelly's Garden". Montréal and Dickens? And steak frites as well. Brought a smile to my face!

tornwordo said...

That's exactly what Serge and I had! Great minds .....

Sorry we missed you last night, I was a bad gay. What's the plan for this evening? I get off work at 3.

Tony Adams said...

come to the Linas Patras Garsys showtnight 5-8PM
Galerie Dentaire
1239 Rue Amhest

RawForReal said...

J'aime Montreal, mais j'aime mieux le vieux Quebec.

That being said, I thought this article would interest you, Fr. Tony. At the least, it validates what you've been saying all along. Here's the link:

tornwordo said...

I guess checking back in to this post would have been a good idea. We made a tour but sadly missed you again....