Friday, July 23, 2010

Have you voted yet for Tony Adams?

One more week of this! (See my earlier post for details about this.)

It looks like I'm in second place, but a few dozen 5 point votes would help me zoom forward in the gay travel guru contest.

I'd be deeply appreciative if you would you take a moment. If you have not yet registered on the site, you'll be asked to do so. Then comes the usual email verification that you are not a spambot. Then you log back in. Then you vote. Let me know if you encounter problems.

And if you would consider Facebooking or Tweeting this, I get some points for that too:



PS: Unfortunately, you can vote only once.


Anonymous said...

Tony - I would be delighted to vote for you. However, simply won't allow me to sign up. After the initial headache of the sign-up window hiding behind the YouTube video on your page, the darn website told me that the screen name I chose had already been taken. Not to worry -- I tried another. And another. And again and again. Both frustrated and amused (it can happen), I generated a 12-character random alphanumeric. THAT didn't work. Now just frustrated.

Voting for you -- fine. Solving issues on the website -- not so much.

Good luck with the contest!


Tony Adams said...

Dear Dave, with deep thanks for your effort (many have had similar problems), try this:
Go to homepage. In the upper right hand corner, click "join now". fill out name, email, alias, password, country , agree to terms, and then click "sign up". You'll get the confirming email and when you click on the link in that email, you'll have activated your registration. Now you go to the homepage, login using your email and password. Then go to "guru" under "meet new people", hit vote, find my application and click the little blue "vote for tony adams" letters next to my name. Be sure to vote the full five points.

That's the complete and "road tested" map! Let me know if it works.

Shanana said...

Just voted. Good luck! Let us know if you make it...