Saturday, December 06, 2008

Blogger Summit- room full of Paul Reveres

Heavy on the political (which is something I mostly leave to others) but, as you'd imagine, a room full of fascinatin gay bloggers is like a day spent at the flea market at Brimfield, MA: acres of interesting stuff each piece with its own intricate history and message and life.

Regarding the political side to this, I'll summarize for you:

In the American Revolution, there was one Paul Revere. Today, in the revolution that has now begun for ownership of individual rights, bloggers are the new Paul Revere, but there are hundreds of thousands of them and they are not all shouting the same thing about the British coming. They are shouting huge heaps of overlapping static. Sometimes they pull together suddenly like a school of fish responding to the force of the current. There is no skill to this. There is only speed. You almost need to be out of the water to see, let alone control this. Nevertheless, the political bloggers feel that coalescence is within their grasp.

Here's the fabulous Mike Rogers of PageOne who is our overworked organizer (and you'll pardon me for liveblogularly skip the links for the moment):

Eric Leven of Knuckecrack and Bilerico makes a point while Nate of the blog does something unrelated on Vimeo.

And of course, JoeMyGod and I do our duelling banjoes thing with our cameras (they are the new fans).


Anonymous said...

Here's a question that won't get asked: What happens when bitchy bloggers justify their ignorance and hypocrisy at the expense of others?

How is the GLBT blogosphere supposed to respond when an anti-gay says or writes something defamatory or threatening about someone while at the same time ignoring what someone, who may or may not be lecturing does it too?

Tony Adams said...

NG: we are reading your comment during a break at the Summit. Eric wants to know why you hate America.
PS: that's his current rejoinder to almost anything, but seriously, explain your question. We don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I fucked up the question, dammit this blogger commenting with no post editing capability...

I was wondering whether the summit involved addressing how the GLBT blogosphere is supposed to respond when an anti-gay says or writes something defamatory or threatening about someone when we have individuals, people involved in this summit, who are just as ignorant and hypocritical and hateful as their adversaries?