Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Honorable Barney Frank

On Saturday, Dec 6, 2008, Barney Frank spoke at a Victory Fund luncheon at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. We who were at the National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative were also invited.

Barney spoke about what we should demand of those who say they love us, and, about the passage of an inclusive Hate Crimes Bill, but the funny money-quote is at the end of this two-minute clip from the video I made.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to make out the audio. Can you provide a transcript of those last words, please.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Anonymous,

"...If this bill becomes law tomorrow, it will still be perfectly legal to call me a fag. I just wouldn't advice it if you're in the banking business.

Wonder Man said...

Love B. Frank