Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Next on Bilerico: The Vociferous American Erection

You will have to go to Bilerico on Friday morning for my response to the following:

Dear Father Tony,

This is about my husband’s “little problem” at his gym. Every time he comes home, I ask him “Was he there?” We are getting a lot of laughs out of this but my husband (straight and with a great bod) is asking me what he should do. I’m a (straight) woman so I’m in the dark about this so I’m asking you because you would know…

In the shower at the gym is a guy who is very friendly with my husband. My husband says he likes talking with this guy who is funny and smart but after they got to know each other, one day he comes home and tells me that when they were in the shower together talking, this guy got an erection in the middle of the conversation. I said “What were you talking about?” He says “the economy!” Anyway, the guy doesn’t try to hide it and my husband doesn’t know what to do so he went back to his locker and left really fast.

The thing is that now, it happens the same way every time they are in the shower together. They could be talking about anything and after a few minutes the guy gets an erection and just keeps on talking.

My husband is cool with the gay thing in general but he is not sure how to handle this. It’s like “out there and pointing at him.” He thinks he should say something. I asked him if it happens to the guy only when he’s talking with my husband or with other guys also and my husband says he has never seen it happen with other guys but it’s not like he’s looking so he doesn’t know for sure. He thinks he should say something, but what?

The Housewife.

It's up. Get on it.


evilganome said...

While I have on occasion been the victim of the post workout boner, this sounds a little more like friendly interest.

My own advice would be for the pointee to just ignore it, but then I'm not straight. On the other hand, I am not a fan of persistent and unwelcome attention, so I can see why he might find it annoying.

This is a bit of a quandary. I will be fascinated to hear what your advice is.

Oddly enough, word verification is undogy.

ManDancer said...

Point and laugh.