Monday, December 01, 2008

I don't know why I got this.

I think I'll join it just as a goof. They'll rue the day.(Although I do like limited government and private property rights, something tells me that I'd be rubbing shoulders with some "tiny" folks. Think Gulliver's Travels.)

For Immediate Release Contact: Adam Bitely
November 24th, 2008 Phone: (202) 689-9266

Dear Fellow Blogger,

It is my distinct pleasure, as the president of Americans for Limited Government, to invite you today to become a key member of the exciting new conservative “bloggers central,”

At ALG, we recognize the critical role you as a blogger play in gathering, assimilating, and disseminating news and commentary. And I, personally, am deeply grateful to you for taking the lead in fighting some of the most important battles our country has faced over the past decade, and more.

That's why I am so pleased to announce that is providing bloggers like you, the mainstream media, politicians, and other opinion leaders free, instant access to nearly 60,000 conservative blogs nationwide. And counting.

As a complete service bureau, NRN provides you a wide new array of blogger opportunities. As a featured blogger on NRN, you will be able to post your own blogs and interface with other like-minded bloggers nationwide. You will soon be able to “claim” your blog and customize your blog profile.

Information on NRN – blogs, as well as Twitter feeds -- will be divided by state, as well as by issue, to make it easy for you and others to access. NRN will also include a sophisticated search engine function and will soon have the capability for you to subscribe to customized email blog feeds on your topics of choice. Stay tuned, for these features will soon be online!

And all of that is just the beginning. In fact, I have asked ALG's Director of New Media, Adam Bitely, to follow up on this note with a letter of his own providing you the exciting details on how NRN can help you grow your own blog.

Above all, we want to make sure NRN is all that you, an important member of the conservative blogosphere, want it to be. So, as you visit, I urge you to please give us your input on how to make it the valuable asset we are committed to providing, at absolutely no charge.

Thank you for all that you are doing. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bill Wilson
President, Americans for Limited Government


Americans for Limited Government is a non- partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms,private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at


Java said...

It's so obvious why you received this invitation. You are an important member of the conservative blogosphere. Didn't you realize?

Did these people read your blog before they sent this? By becoming a key member of this new conservative "bloggers central" you can help lead the other members in fighting some of the most important battles our country faces.

How can you pass up this opportunity? Perhaps this will be a way to introduce others to the important battles they may be missing.

Please update as the situation warrants.

elteegee said...

OH! This is TOO GOOD! OK, here's the plan (rubbing hands together in glee). You will join, post-haste, perhaps with a short note expressing your everlasting patriotism. You will begin blogging using right wing catch phrases and beloved oxymorons (such as 'limited government' and 'military intelligence'). You will gain some credibility as a reliable, back slapping, librul hater, but without actually being so explicit about your thoughts that you could later be accused of lying. You know how to write and I'm sure you can find some way to subversively sprinkle double entendres about. Then once you have successfully trojan horsed your way into the club, you can let loose with some especially gay post. You could even just repost your previous post on lurid digs verbatim and then step back, cancel your account and watch the fur fly.

I'll start making the popcorn now.

Birdie said...

I was invited, too. (Hello? Is anyone guiding this ship?) I'd join just to see your "input on how to make it a valuable asset."

Tate said...

I received this as well. Apparently there is a subversive attempt to turn us all to the dark side.

dpaste said...

While I don't know about Tater, I'll bet you and Birdie got on the list because a random search of blog terms turned up "God" and "Christ" enough times in your posts to convince NRN's search engine that you are God-fearing members of the right wing.

And you MUST join.