Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cardinal Antonelli to the ladies: Stay home.

Cardinal Antonelli thinks women should stay home baking cookies for their kids. He also thinks that gay marriage and adoption by gay couples could cause "complications". Well he got that part right!


RawForReal said...

"The traditional family, he said, is even being considered oppressive injustice, and matrimony and maternity are viewed as things from which a woman must liberate herself."

No, Dear Cardinal Antonelli, oppressive injustice is meted out regularly from Catholic pulpits all around the world.

Birdie said...

Antonelli certainly is concerned about complications, so I'll make it simple: get out of my way. In my Angry Young Woman period I would have complained loudly, but now I just don't have the time. Matrimony and family are not my problems; control by authoritarian men who have no concept of my circumstances or capabilities is the problem I must circumvent. He is abusing his power over commenters like "Diane" who accept his declarations without question.

Spouse Walker said...

LOL. What a joke! He has no qualifications to speak on family values. I really hate hearing people talk about things they know nothing about. I have to admit it even bothers me when i occassionally do it.