Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Serious Games" at Exit Art

Loving it or hating it doesn’t much matter. Seeing art, or its excuse, is always fun. With this premise firmly in mind, we enter Exit Art, located at 475 Tenth Avenue.

Tonight’s program is called “Serious Games”. It is composed of several pieces of performance art. Some are hilarious, some are repulsive and some are inspired. The whole show made for an entertaining evening, akin to attending a high school science fair. I hope that does not sound condescending because really, I’d say the same about most of the overpriced dreck we see in the galleries of Chelsea. Exit Art, however, is devoted to giving exposure to new and unknown/emerging artists. This means that most of them are quite young and eager to express the themes that preoccupy young folks.

Here’s some of a performance called “Touch and Go” by Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow. She portrays a swimmer in training who is belittled by her nasty “coach”. Spectators are encouraged to demand that she execute various strokes. The whole thing worked very well. It made a strong statement in which the mechanics were not distracting. You want to slap the coach.

In her performance “Big Balls” , this sardonic lady simply positioned herself by the bar all evening. Loud and clear.

Exit Art

I’ll be posting more of these, and, the whole show will be repeated next Saturday, for those who might be in the city and looking for fun and an open bar.

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