Thursday, January 01, 2009

Best post elsewhere in 2008

This post combines politics, culture, art, design and sex. It's a summary of what we will remember about 2008 when we go back to the future. Today, you'll call it shallow, but those who sift through the past, decades from now, will study these images and note that even if no gay man received a cabinet appointment, the heart of at least one gay man was wrapped around the First Lady (Sorry Betsey Johnson. I assume you were joking.)

PS: I think she'll choose the de la Renta.


Doralong said...

It pains me to say it, but Lagerfeld nailed it. And for the record, of course Betsy wasn't joking! But for political reasons I'm sure she'll stick with an American designer.

And a Happy New Year to you and yours Fathr T.

Tony Adams said...

Dear D,
I agree, but as I said on Milkywhite, I don't think she ought to serve up her bosoms on that kind of rack with that level of scrutiny. Some kind of shoulder/neck strapping will be more sensible. Regarding the Lagerfeld suit, if he were to soften the shoulders, and fuse it with some echoes of Chanel, it would still recall Jackie but not slavishly. I'd like to see it in a hot pink. Michelle has her own strong shoulders.

Doralong said...

Dear Father T-

A- I apologize for boring you with commentary twice. Something I rarely do.

B- I'll have to put on my student of fashion history hat and respectfully disagree.

As to the gown, I do agree, but the general bones of the design would be very flattering for her and the minor problem of inappropriate display would easily be addressed on the first fitting.

The suit, I'm sorry I do disagree. No pink. Lest we forget the pink Chanel suit worn 11/23/63... if one invokes a Camelot vibe (as all the pundits have repeatedly) that's not the one we want to recall. While I generally abhor the Fashion Prince of Darkness, he does have an unerring sense for both history and the iconography of the moment. And as trite as it may appear on the surface- whatever she wears will become a truly iconic American moment in the memory of an entire country. The white to me is entirely appropriate if one wants to stray into fashion allegory- blank slate, new beginnings,and so on and so forth..I really don't see it as slavishly Jackie.

Derivative, to be sure, but a nicely modernized echo. Myself I thing it would be stunning in red, naturally. And a cobalt blue would be fabulous on her.

But given the moment in time and the aforementioned place it will have in history, I think that a beautiful, strong woman who obviously is going to be a full partner in this administration could pull that suit off perfectly as is. But bless her heart, it's going to be bloody cold and I hope whoever gets the job designs a nice warm coat to go along with it!

Again, my apologies for rambling on.

Tony Adams said...

Dear D,
Not at all minding a second comment or more!
We are in total agreement about the cobalt blue.

Anonymous said...

I can't say any of them appealed to me though i think back to the comments regarding having some "back" and the size -4 to size 0 dress designs are just ridiculous for anyone, let alone a woman of a certain age and with poise and style. She should wear the dress not the other way around.

The de la Renta isn't bad, in fact it's quite nice, but I think the daughters dresses distract from the focus. Mizrahi is quite nice too. Lagerfeld's black is just "ehh", a bit "upscale Orange County prom night"

evilganome said...

I'm inclined toward the Lagerfeld design as well. The suit is just classic Chanel and how can you go wrong with that? Chanel did after all promote the concept of "winter white".

Will said...

As a theatrical designer, I left a lengthy comment on Milkman's blog about the differences between fashion design, which begins with an idealized body with highly exaggerated proportions, and my field, theatrical design, that begins with the body of the actual actor and works from there.

Fashion sketches look great but the results can be problematic on the wearer. Trying to project the various designs onto Ms Obama, I think the Lagerfeld and de la Renta gowns work best. Fabric choice is key both in terms of the amount of metallic in the silver and the finish of the white (dlR) and the depth, texture and finish of the black (L). I liked a number of the other gowns very much indeed but on different bodies.

And the comment on Clytemnestra (a character I have designed, by the way) was delightful.

The Milkman said...

Best post of 2008? I could cry... on behalf of the tens of readers of my little blog, thank you.

I know I made fun of it, but I'm secretly hoping that Mrs. Obama just says "screw it" and goes with the Betsey Johnson. That said, your comment regarding Mrs. Obama's belle poitrine being "served up" in the Lagerfeld gown has me intrigued. When was the last time we had a first lady whose bosoms offered even the slightest opportunity for such delicious excess? I feel the same way about her boob-a-liciousness as I do about the more carnal and size-sensitive aspects of the male form... "smoke 'em if you've got 'em."

Tony Adams said...

Well, yes, Milky, but I doubt we'll be treated to the sight of Barack poured into thin spandex any time soon. But i just bet he'd do justice to a Speedo.