Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday on Bilerico: His Closet is a Duplex

I haven't yet written my response to this letter, but I've got lots to say. You'll have to go to Bilerico on Thursday for it.

Message: I am a happy self-identified gay man living in San Francisco who has had a number of successful long-term relationships with men. But for the last couple of years, I been having sexual dreams and fantasies about making love with women, in addition to my continued fantasies and attractions to men. Am I cracking up, emerging from another closet or just going through a phase? Read me my beads!



Mike said...

Hey, Father T, your Bilerico link is broken.

Tony Adams said...

Thanks, Mike. I think it's fixed.

riot said...

Oh I do so love the "read his beads" saying, though I've only used it heard in more confrontational contexts. Let's bring that one back!