Monday, January 26, 2009

The Blackballed Fr. Geoff - an update

Fr. Geoffrey Farrow's story has been taken up by Wayne Besen. It will also appear in the monthly newletter of DignityUSA.

Earlier today I got a phone call from the interim director of CLUE. He reiterated the displeasure felt by CLUE's board of directors about the actions taken by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. CLUE is preparing an official statement about this matter and it is expected that the representative of the Archdiocese on CLUE's board will also have something to say. There is really only one thing that the Archdiocese could say that would make any sense. Let me write it for them: "We have reviewed the matter and would like to clarify our position. It was never our intent to stand in the way of Fr. Geoffrey Farrow's being considered as a candidate for the open position at CLUE. We would hope that CLUE would continue its dialogue with any and all qualified candidates." Then, when the microphone is off, that same henchman for the Cardinal can privately tell the directors of CLUE that in these economic times, funding to all organizations is under incredible strain and it would be a shame to have to cut back CLUE's funding for economic reasons, and that their level of funding is currently under review in the larger context of the work of the Archdiocese with its limited budget yadda yadda yadda. That's how I'd do it anyway, if I was still working for the Evil Empire.

The interesting thing is that I have now talked to two of CLUE's leaders. They both speak with the fearlessness that comes with honesty. They don't mince words. They seem to be real men of God. The kind you can trust. I don't think they can be bought.


Anonymous said...

From the CLUE Board of Directors page, Father Mike Gutierrez of St Anne's Catholic Church. Is he the mouthpiece for Roger Cardinal Mahoney?

The Archdiocese Los Angeles perpetrating Anti-Catholicism against Father Geoff is oxymoronic.

Tate said...

As a bystander to the ways of the Evil Empire, I find your insight completely fascinating. I feel like I am sitting ringside to a boxing match as someone patiently tells me how its being scored. It is quite transparent that the Church is way behind the times in lying successfully to the public at large. They really could use a good publicist to help them cloak their evil in a veil of "good intention".