Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Old photos

Seventeen years ago I had a few solo shows in the Wretched Little City. I was doing portraits. I wasn't using Photoshop in those days. Not even digital. Had folks lie down on the kitchen floor of our old farm house. I was surprised at the level of trust my friends placed in me with camera in hand. Here are a few from a show called A Resting Ritual. They were just about life-sized. While packing up the house I came across them after not having seen them for years.

My agent, Miss Ward, was a willing model.

This one was called She Knows the Drill. Miss Ward was not happy with the way she had applied her lipstick. As I said, no Photoshop. Women especially liked this one. T shirts and note cards followed.

C was not a willing model but he could be convinced. He actually designed the metal wavy frames in which these were originally mounted. They did some serious damage to the gallery walls. I think this was titled Housebroken or maybe Fully Domesticated. The sessions were great fun with folks holding props and lights and wondering what I had in mind. I had nothing in mind.


The Milkman said...

What a great smile C has. :-)

Love these. There's something simultaneously familiar and foreign about them.

DJRainDog said...

I understand her lipstick concern, but I don't think it's big enough to be a deal-breaker at all. Are those note-cards still available?

Tony Adams said...

Dear DJ,
I threw a small stack of them in a box while packing. I'll keep you in mind if I ever find that box and unpack it someday.

Anonymous said...

The photos are stunning. The manager/model is pretty. C has a beautiful smile. The photos are striking.

You mentioned that these photos were on film, what kind of camera do you use today? We have had a pocket digicam since they first came out. I keep a Nikon CoolPix S1 in for several years. Two plus years ago, I finally made the switch from a Nikon F100 Analog SLR to the Nikon D40 D-SLR, with the handy SB400 flash and the 18-200 VR2 Zoom. The D40 is ultra light weight. One compact zoom lens for everything is working beautifully so far. The 18-200 lens is barely bigger than the standard 18-55 kit lens and way more flexible. Highly recommended.

Tony Adams said...

Nikon here as well.
I also worked with a good printer. He understood my desire for higher saturation which he brought to just the right point. Had them printed on archival kodak duraflex.

craig said...

Thanks for sharing your work Tony, I loved 'em all.